Privacy Policy

Date of the last update 09.05.2024


Since you utilize services offered by the Group of Companies, we process your personal data. Below you'll will find why and how we do it. You will learn about your rights and how we protect your data.


The scope, objectives, and duration of the processing of your data vary depending on which of our services you use. They may also result from your consents and the method and circumstances in which you contacted us. That is why we have divided this appendix into sections, which help understand how we can use your data depending on the type of our relation.

Each section contains information regarding:

  • the categories of your personal data that we process;
  • the purposes of the processing;
  • the legal bases for the processing of your data;
  • retention of the personal data .

When you use specific services or promotional campaigns, the detailed information on the processing of your personal data are also in the terms and conditions of these services and campaigns.

We have divided this appendix into several parts. First of all, we specify the Controller, who processes your personal data by dividing the content of the appendix into two basic parts.

Then, when your personal data is processed by InPost, we divide the given portion into further two parts. Part A. THE PROVISION OF THE SERVICES applies to different types of services. Part B. OTHER PURPOSES applies to the processing of your data for other purposes. Such processing is directly related to the service being provided, but it is always justified by legal requirements or our important interest.


For each processing purpose in a given section, we have specified the legal basis and the maximum personal data retention period. Once this period expires, we will not use your data for the purpose specified. This doesn't always mean, however, that we will remove it. We will retain your personal data for the longest of periods applicable to them. For example, once you cancel your account, we cease the processing of your data to provide the services within your account, but we will keep it for a period allowed by the legal regulations, so you can claim your rights.

Thereforeto obtain full information about the processing of your data, learn all the sections applicable to you.