About InPost

We create the future

We are a leader in offering modern logistics services and the first company in Poland to create a network of Parcel Lockers - self-service parcel dispatch and collection points, open 24/7. Thanks to innovative technology, InPost makes receiving parcels more convenient, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. Parcel lockers have increased the efficiency of logistics services, and their success was also determined by the speed of delivery - as many as 98% of shipments are delivered the next day after posting!

One of the goals of our company is to create a world of simple solutions, using modern technologies, knowledge, passion, and the creativity of Polish engineers and specialists.

20 000+

Parcel Lockers

22 years

on the market

5 000+


7 million+

application users

Innovative Technology

Parcel Lockers form the cutting-edge network of over 20 000 devices throughout Poland, constituting the largest business structure of this type in the country. Their primary strengths are speed and convenience. The devices are located in residential areas and close to shops and are open 24/7, which allows customers to easily pick up parcels during an evening walk with the dog or when running other errands. Speed is also an important advantage of Parcel Lockers: as many as 98% of shipments reach recipients on the next day!

Courier services and e-commerce support

InPost is not just Parcel Lockers, but also high-quality courier services. From traditional deliveries to a specified address, through express delivery on the same day, to the innovative SmartCourier service, enabling fast and secure sending of even the most confidential documents.
We develop constantly, focusing on expanding services dedicated to on-line stores. We support e-commerce through modern solutions, such as: Courier Services Packages for companies, Store integration, or Fulfillment.

Caring for the environment

The good of our planet is an inseparable element of the idea of Parcel Lockers. By delivering shipments to the device, instead of to the recipient's door, we contribute to reducing the number of traffic jams, and thus to reducing emissions. Our courier is able to deliver up to ten times more parcels in the same amount of time! Finally, Parcel Lockers solve the so called "Last mile problem", which is the last, most expensive stage of delivery to the recipient. It is not only more sustainable, but also cheaper for the recipient!

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