Leave a green track
– collect in a Paczkomat®
and reduce CO2!

Choose Paczkomat®
and create millions of green tracks with us!

Every order directed to our network of machines and pickup points builds a path of green footprints! By selecting Paczkomat®, you increase the efficiency of deliveries while minimizing your carbon footprint. Thus, you contribute to reduction of the number of traffic jams and noise related to transport, but most importantly – to reduction of exhaust emissions.

By sending and collecting via Paczkomat®, you gain:

Fast delivery

Our courier can deliver up to 1,000 parcels a day via a single Paczkomat®, which directly reduces transport time and allows for faster deliveries. Over 95% of parcels are ready to be picked up the very next day!


You can pick up your parcel 24/7 in a convenient way, near your home or work, without having to wait for the courier to arrive. Using our services, you can send your parcel without a label, and using the InPost mobile application - you can remotely open the locker of the selected Paczkomat® device

Sustainable service

The out-of-home delivery services we offer contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions enabling us to gradually increase the scale of our positive impacts on the environment, society and the economy

Now you can see, how much CO2 you can save on delivery to your Paczkomat® parcel locker, compared to our courier delivery!

We calculated this thanks to our proprietary tool, which was developed in accordance with the internationally recognized GHG Protocol standard. The tool uses data from both InPost logistics systems and operational activities, using benchmarks published, among others, in the KOBIZE and DEFRA databases.

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ESG is at the heart of our business

To emphasize how important sustainability is to us, we have developed an ESG strategy for 2022-2026. We have identified areas where we can have a real impact and use our strong points to create solutions and build programs supporting, among others, the fight against climate change, gender equality, improving the quality of life in cities or the fight against geographical exclusion. Our strategy is based on three pillars, which will enable us to gradually increase the scale of our positive impact on the environment, society and economy.

In 2022, withing its framework, we took important steps towards building a decarbonization strategy. Our business model, which contributes to a significant reduction in type 3 emissions and improvements aimed at sustainable development, makes us become an even more willingly selected partner for the e-commerce market. We have very ambitious goals, such as achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, which sets us way in front of our competitors.

Get to know our numbers

98% *
Up to 98% less CO2 is emitted by parcel delivery via Paczkomat® compared to our home delivery.
61% **
So many of you are 7 minutes away from the nearest Paczkomat® device. We reduce this distance with each successive machine constructed, and this number increases to 85% in urban areas!
64% **
The percentage of customers collecting parcels via Paczkomat® while doing other things.
22 488 tons
In 2023, people who received parcels emitted 22,488 tonnes of CO2e, which is 0.045 grams per parcel. Cars are responsible for 97% of these emissions – we can avoid them!
20 000
There are so many InPost Paczkomat® machines already operating nationwide. Every day, each device allows you to build millions of green footprints together. The more the better!
Our fleet is constantly expanded with new electric cars, and this means that even more parcels will be delivered to Paczkomat® devices in a more environmentally friendly way! We have the largest flee of electric car of all the courier companies.
We have installed air quality sensors on Paczkomat® machines, which are accurate and constantly updated. We care about your health and the comfort of using our services.
We have introduced the InPost Appkomat, an even more eco-friendly type of machine made available for sending and collecting parcels. The lack of a large screen and the smaller number of components it is made of, allowed us to reduce power consumption during operation by more than half!
We pay great attention to the reuse of natural resources, which is why more than 3/4 of packaging from our own operations comes from recycled materials.

Close to home
and on the way

The selection of delivery to Paczkomat® is of great significance for the natural environment. The more devices are available, the better for nature and all of us. That is why we are constantly expanding our network.

Thanks to the greater number of Paczkomat® devices, as well as their proximity (an average of 7 minutes** from home), you can pick up your parcels while doing other things – while walking or cycling. We construct new Paczkomat® devices always where you are –near places where you often stay, work or spend your free time.

The Last Mile

The "Last mile" is the final stage of delivery of the parcel from the destination branch to the Paczkomat® parcel locker or home. This is the most important – also from the point of view of the environment – stage of delivery, because it generates the most CO2 emissions per parcel.

The route of the courier car to the Paczkomat® device is much more optimized than the way to the customer's home, which can change even several times during the day (traffic jams, repairs, parcel redirection, change of delivery time, etc.). In such a situation, the courier can deliver up to 1000 parcels a day to the machines.

* The originate from our proprietary carbon footprint calculator. The given value does not include emissions from the media and parcel collection from the Paczkomat® device.

** Calculated on the basis of a study conducted in the InPost mobile app in January 2023. Number of responses: 50 377

By selecting a Paczkomat®, you have an impact on:

Reduction of carbon
dioxide emissions

Optimization of the transport
of your parcel

Minimizing traffic
jams and city noise

of energy consumption

Use of
recycled packaging

Choose InPost and join the Eco-Community!

Do not pack air

Take care of the environment and select packaging that is not much larger than the item being shipped. This will help us transport more packages on every trip and reduce more CO2.

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